We are Valley Services, a national company leading the way in contract food service management. Valley's innovative approach combined with our culinary expertise and impeccable service has led us to great distinctions in the food service industry. For several years, Food Management magazine has recognized Valley as one of the top 15 food service management companies in America. Our passion for food and people is the framework for creating memorable dining experiences in the 1.4 million meals we serve each week.

The Valley Vision of "100% Customer Satisfaction by Serving with PRIDE (People Responding In Dedicated Excellence) emanates within our Valley employees to bring fresh ideas to the table. Since our beginnings in 1960, the Valley vision has fostered extensive partnerships that resonates a personal approach to business.

When East Central Community College embarked on building a new athletic facility they approached Valley Services to orchestrate the food for a fundraiser. This was an extraordinary fundraiser at which former NFL Head Football Coach, Tony Dungy, spoke to 400 supporters. Guests dined on a fabulous entrée of beef filet and lobster accompanied with fingerling potatoes, a mandarin orange garden salad and complemented with a strawberry napoleon. Valley was honored to be a part of the day’s events.


UMS-Wright Preparatory School hosted the Alabama Football District 1 Dinner on Monday, March 10, 2014. The evening was filled with camaraderie and success stories from the season. Valley catered a delicious meal of prime rib, seasoned asparagus, stuffed potatoes and garden salad. Congratulations to the Valley Services staff for their excellent service.

Signature Venues
Valley signature venues are our interactive dynamic brands centered on great tasting foods. Senses come alive with the authentic ingredients selected by Valley chefs to shape our signature brands.

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