Valley Services was founded.
Valley signs Hinds Community College contract.
Valley begins producing frozen and shelf-stable meals.
Valley provides disaster relief meals for hurricane Katrina victims.
Valley celebrates 50th anniversary.
Valley merged with TrustHouse Services Group.
Valley as part of TrustHouse Services Group merges with Elior.
Valley Partners with Elior
Valley, as a part of TrustHouse, partners with Elior in 2013. Elior is a prominent provider of contract and concessions catering. This partnership strengthens Valley's position as a market leader in contract food service management.
Mr. Hogg
Mr. Hogg

Valley Services founder, Bill Hogg, was a visionary in the food services industry. A self-made entrepreneur, he started his first business in 1946 by selling foods to grocery stores out of a delivery truck. In these early years, his only hard assets were a Chevy truck, a desk, and an adding machine; however, he was committed to working long hours to achieve great success.

Mr. Hogg was one of the first to notice a growing trend of less scratch-prepared foods during the 1950's. He capitalized by selling frozen entrees and desserts, thus becoming a pioneer in prepared foods available for consumers to purchase

In 1958, Mr. Hogg seized another opportunity to manage the food service operations for businesses offering in-house dining to their employees. Ultimately the later move led to the launch of Valley Services. Valley quickly grew to expand to other market segments including healthcare, education, seniors and corrections.

Mr. Hogg had a deep philosophy to hire the best employees and treat every employee well. He remained involved in the day-to-day management of Valley Services until his death in 2008. His presence remains through his famous "Captain's Wheel," a training tool that is still used today.