Colleges and Universities
College dining halls bolster a multitude of meaningful memories. That's why our college campuses are more than just a cafeteria. Valley creates a dynamic, interconnected dining experience for students, faculty and staff. We provide a campus location where minds can collaborate on future business endeavors and philosophies that will shape the future.

Options are plentiful. Boredom is squashed. An array of dining selections comes alive at colleges and universities as Valley unveils foods in an interactive atmosphere. Authentic ingredients are the origin of our superb foods which emerge from our branded concepts. Leaving campus is never a necessity as students experience a host of dining selections.
Want to learn more?
Valley welcomes the opportunity to discuss your goals and grow your business by incorporating our innovative food service options. We are eager to manage all aspects of your food service from menus, procurement and inventory, to personnel, training and facility design with a personal flare. You will come to know each member of the Valley team as we advance your dining program.