Residential Dining
The Valley food service team takes great pride in caring for each resident. Valley lives by the conviction that interaction with residents positively impacts their lives. A caring smile. Extra attention to food preferences. A birthday celebration. We become a family not just a meal provider.

Valley is cognizant that each type of residential care facility has unique needs. Our level of service adapts to the resident's level of interdependence. The depth of Valley's experience at independent living, assisted living and long-term care facilities translates to restaurant style dining as well as in-room dining. The culinary team approaches dining with utmost care to provide fresh, wholesome foods filled with abundant variety. Valley's commitment to a strong partnership with residential care facilities enables us to exceed the expectations of each resident.
Want to learn more?
Valley welcomes the opportunity to discuss your goals and grow your business by incorporating our innovative food service options. We are eager to manage all aspects of your food service from menus, procurement and inventory, to personnel, training and facility design with a personal flare. You will come to know each member of the Valley team as we advance your dining program.