Valley is aware that correctional facilities are at capacity and operating within tighter budgets; however, quality and safety should never be compromised. Valley shares these goals with our correctional partners to deliver quality foods within a stringent budget. Cost consciousness does not equate to low quality but is the foundation for sharp management practices.

Registered dietitians develop menus to meet the nutritional parameters set forth by accrediting organizations in the industry. Menus are tailored to medical, religious and ethnic considerations of inmates. Repetitiveness is replaced by variety. And of course, regional preferences are paramount to achieve inmate contentment.

“Those who serve best, profit most.”
Turn-Key Service
The Valley Correctional Management Team has established extensive success in managing correctional dining services. This track record enables our clients to focus on the daily operation of their institutions.

Valley is committed to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of the food service operation. From procurement, inventory and budgeting to food preparation, delivery and staffing, the commitment of Valley is evident. Feel confident that when you turn over the keys to Valley you have selected the best food service management company.