Feeding the nation's seniors is at the heart of Valley. Our Senior Services division delivers over 30 million meals annually to congregate locations such as senior community centers and to the homes of those who are limited by mobility.


Valley is also a leading source for emergency preparedness with our delicious shelf stable meals. These nutritious meals are affordable and can be incorporated into your disaster response plan.

Traditions, a Valley company, provides frozen meal solutions for those seniors who are home-bound or in times of an emergency. Frozen meals allow seniors independence and flexibility as they can be reheated any time. A key initiative of Valley is that Traditions meals meet nutritional standards for seniors while remaining fresh and delicious. As agencies and associations partner with Valley, we unite to end senior hunger.

Valley provides more than just meals. Valley enriches the lives of the seniors we serve.

“Once people learn that they can count on you, they do count on you!”
Nutrition is Key

Valley registered dietitians plan nutritious meals with care and concern for the elderly. Nutritional requirements are always met by Valley to ensure every senior receives proper nourishment. Regional menu preferences are of utmost significance to Valley so dining is always a pleasurable occasion.

Let's not forget fun. Valley menus incorporate excitement to spark glee in the lives of seniors. Seniors of all ages relish the special touches Valley integrates in the wholesome meals we prepare.